Betsy Ross would be proud: See the world’s “tallest tribute to freedom”

by Village Lane

We proudly fly this flag because we are blessed to live and work in the United States of America.”

 Ben Salzmann, President and CEO, Acuity

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, American individuals and companies have created the world’s “tallest tribute to freedom” in the form of a giant American flag.

Learn how this extraordinary project was built.

[Credit: ACUITY and ARUP for this video.]

Mortensen Flag Facts:

  • 400-foot flagpole weighs approximately 420,000 pounds
  • There are two versions of the 60- by 120-foot flag:
  • 220-pound flag is flown during normal conditions 
  • 350-pound flag is flown during harsher weather
  • Each star is 3 feet high and each stripe is 4 1/2 feet wide
  • 680 cubic yards of concrete used in foundation
  • Over 500 gallons of paint cover the pole
  • 11-foot diameter at base tapers to 5 1/2-foot diameter at top
  • Three pendulum-style tuned mass dampers reduce movement and vibration
  • Designed to withstand a low temperature of -42oF

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Photo of painting: The Birth of Old Glory, Percy Moran, artist, copyright 1917.